The Man in his millennial history has never been stationary and has always looked for new places to go to live; it doesn’t matter if he moved for problems related to hunger, for the climate, for wars, for spirit of adventure, for study, for glory, for business or more simply for love; the only thing certain is that the man has never been stopped! Living in a foreign country has always been difficult, regardless of times and places, but in Italy there is a further degree of difficulty: bureaucracy. Taking a residence permission, having a regular home, having a doctor, starting a business, studying are all theoretically possible but not easy to access. At our office we have specific services so that foreign staff can be at ease and find all the assistance necessary to face difficulties. Furthermore, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, our office has staff able to speak in various Philippine, English and Spanish languages with some limitations.

  • Permesso di soggiorno

  • Ricongiungimento familiari

  • Assistenza Locazione

  • Codce fiscale -Partita Iva impresa estera

  • Legalizzazione dei documenti

  • Visti per ingresso italia

  • Cittadinanza

  • Vidimazioni Fatture per export

  • Iscrizione al REA Unità Locale Impresa Estera

  • Traduzioni giurate



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