The MePA, Public Administration Electronic Market, was created (under Article 36 of the Public Contracts Code under the decision of the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) and managed by Consip (Public Administration Purchasing Centre).
This platform represents a digital tool, to put administrations in communication with companies authorized to supply and purchase goods and services; its purpose is to make public administration purchases faster; more efficient, and more transparent and this is the main reason that determines the success of the MEPA.
Our company guarantees a clear, fast, and effective service to be able to carry out its activity on the italian pubblic administration market through tools such as the MePA (and not only); with our commitment and our professionalism we have already allowed many companies to participate in the tenders; however, it must be pointed out that the “final” decision is always up to the body in charge and although the checks are carried out on a “sample” basis, the company must have all the documents in order; under penalty of heavy criminal and administrative penalties and the impossibility of being able to submit bids for a longer period and in the most serious cases the complaint to the judicial authority

Why is appropriate to engage BBSPRATICHE

We follow a specif method to help foreign companies because it’s important don’t forget that in italy formality is substance and before to sell it’s necessary to have a complete “picture” :  not visible Requirements;  reduce Risks; advice to avoid delay, wast time and cashing out problems

The registration to portal and win the bid is a part of job; to support your company we have prepared a Whitepaper:

Information to quote; Process; Important requirements; Insights; Advice; Type of negozation; Risk cashing out; Criterias of selection; Registration and offer and then….

To know price of service and receive the whitepaper, please write to us providing this information

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Which informations

Generally for italian company we ask for to provide us a paper of chamber of commerce called visura because this document include the 80-90% of information that we need; unfortunately the similar paper in others countries is much more “poor” of information so we  need several paper: constituction act, certificate of chamber of commerce, etc. Let’s be clear: MEPA doesn’t ask for none file to attach but it’s our responsability to give the right information.; then we’ve checked these papers it’s possibile that we ask for other informations.



Service processing times

The timing for being able to use the service mainly depends on the approval times of the Organization which are not under our control; from the moment the customer send us all  information we process the file within 2-3 days, but in the event of an emergency we can process the file within the day; on the other hand, the approval times are generally less than 5 days and the cases in which the company is authorized in just one day are not rare; unfortunately it is not possible to give absolute certainty that is why one should not register only when one has become aware of a tender of interest.

It is difficult to operate on the MEPA

Against our interests we feel we can affirm with absolute certainty that the MEPA has nothing complex and does not present such difficulties that only insiders can use it; anyone who meets the requirements can participate; however, if you want to operate on the Mepa continuously, as on any other market or sales channel, you need to have a non-opportunistic approach. Having said this, however, there are some rules that we consider preparatory and which we advise you to follow:
• gain some familiarity with the procurement code, at least in its basic elements
• always read the documentation carefully
• never arrive at the last second but do things well in advance
• have the necessary time
• do not entrust everything to a single employee, unless it is a “one-shot” operation
If the above is not within the possibilities of the company, it is highly advisable to be assisted by a specialist such as our company


Unlike the previous release with the new platform that became operational on 24 May 2022, the authorization does not expire the company must report any changes within its corporate structure

Methods of payment for our services

There is no cost to enrollment in the MEPA and it does not require any particular requirement for it to be carried out; however, if assistance is required, it is important to know that there is no free support on the MEPA, companies either use a toll telephone number or must make use of a specialist such as ours. an organization that needs to be remunerated.


By taking advantage of our service, the customer will first of all be able to save a lot of time by greatly reducing the processing times of the procedures; he will also be able to enjoy a series of advantages that will allow him to carry out various procedures quickly and easily. In a purely indicative and non-exhaustive way, making use of our assistance entails the following advantages
• have a qualified consultant who follows him in all phases (from registration to award)
• have a consultant who has a long and consolidated experience of almost 10 years in the field of tenders.
• a “value” consultancy and assistance service, as if you had a real tender office within the structure without having to bear the cost
• an additional complementary service such as the competition bulletin; to stay informed on the numerous opportunities that are published daily by
• Anac registration, support for the virtual file, and payment of the PASSOE
• the possibility of having the digital signature in a very short time (unfortunately only for the necessity for companies based in Rome)
• A complete and transparent view with objective data on the MePA market and on the competition.
.• distance learning
• operational support to participate in tenders if you are unable to do so

These are the direct advantages, but there are other advantages of no less importance that one could have in relying on us; in fact, being a company specialized in administrative practices allows us to have an overview; which translates into skills that can prove to be very useful when it comes to public tenders regardless of the tool used:
• knowing the commercial law related to the business register can prove to be extremely useful for avoiding risks with serious consequences for the company

• request preventive certificates, before the PA carries out the checks
• check if a competitor/contractor has the requirements to participate
• check the economic-financial situation of a partner, competitor, etc.
• ask for deferred payment of taxes
• quickly adjust its position to the commercial register to be compliant with the tender
All things that are rarely found in companies that provide such a service, let alone if telephone support is used


How to participate in the races on the Mepa

Given that on the world of tenders in general we invite you to view the following page, on the MEPA there are three different ways to participate and there are three options available to the contracting authority:
TD- Direct Negotiation or the Entity requests an offer exclusively from a single operator; this opportunity is allowed only for limited amounts: it must be said that even below the threshold mentioned above, this method is in any case not particularly appreciated by the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION as it presents risks for the person in charge of the procedure. With the new reform that will start from 1 April 2023 (unless extended), this method will undergo a significant downsizing
OD- Direct order
The Organization buys from a catalog as if it were in any E-Commerce; however, the catalog is only permitted for the supply of GOODS (tangible products); while it is never admitted for JOBS; as far as the SERVICES are concerned, however, it can only be used on a few product categories


RDO – Requests for offers
This is the most widespread form, in which the purchasing body describes the supply and the conditions both for participating and for the supply. In this case, there are two forms of diffusion:
• open, i.e. everyone can see the RDO but only those who are registered in the product category relating to the supply can participate; this solution has an advantage for the PA: many companies could participate and this increases competition and therefore the best conditions; however, the risk is to see hundreds of offers on the table. This system can only be used if the price evaluation criterion is used.
• however, this restricted form envisages that the application is sent to a few selected subjects; obviously, the subjects must be registered in the product category to which the RDO refers; this type of offer is visible only to the companies to which the invitation has been forwarded. It has the advantage of being able to select potential suppliers and therefore reduce the number of participants, but it has the disadvantage of less competition and the risk that nobody shows up

How can I find out about races?

Excluding direct negotiations which are the simplest to identify, for the others there are two ways to go; the first is to consult the MEPA platform more or less frequently, which is highly inadvisable because either you know what to look for or you risk looking for a needle in a haystack, the other is to acquire a tender bulletin service that we make available to our customers.

Foreign companies
No problem; the E-procurement system is also open to non-Italian companies who can participate without particular constraints. The requirements to participate are the same as those of Italian companies; apart from the language, the only real difficulty is the PEC which is not yet widespread in Europe, and the DIGITAL SIGNATURE; but while the first is relatively easy to do, the second presents some critical issues. Not all digital signatures comply with the Italian digital legislation; if you want to operate on the Italian market, the legal representative must have a digital signature device qualified according to the EIDAS standard
Attention, the identification code of the legal representative which corresponds to our tax code (for example in many countries it is called TIN) must be the same with which the digital signature is issued. Absurdly, the biggest problem is not given by non-Italian people but by Italian representatives of foreign companies; in this case, the representative must operate with his Italian tax code and consequently, the digital signature must be done in Italy



How to participate in the races on the Mepa

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